composition for 7 devices
In computer fields an “honeypot” is a system, hardware or software, that do not contain real information and is used as a trap to protect against cyber attacks. The term “honeypot" is often linked to the fat character Winnie the Pooh, a stuffed bear who often finds himself in trouble because of his greediness towards honey.

Our honeypot is a container for an electronic pattern concert, usable only in person, during the events that will be organized during The wrong biennale. Some of them will be public and others will be private (you can request the router for your honey-party through the button on this page). We are based in Alghero, Sardinia, but we’ll move around the island an beyond with the router arm in arm. The updates will be write on this page.

To play the full music composition you need to be 7 or more people, however you can play just a part of it, that will be nice too. Honeypot is just a distraction from your smartphone, using your smartphone.
honeypot goes to...

• /november/ TBA
• /dicember/ TBA
• /dicember/ TBA